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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


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                           Continuation of Creative Story

When she got to New York City she couldn’t wait to start her adventure of becoming a Food Network star. First Jordan would try and find the headquarters for Food Network and then see if she could go inside and talk to the producer of Food Network, but what Jordan was here for was to have fun and have a wonderful vacation. She would worry about this on her day.


That day was her brother’s day so they did what he wanted to do, which was go to the Lego Store. While she was at the Lego Store she couldn’t help but plan what she was going to do, but little did she know it wasn’t going to go her way.


Chapter 2

Jordan’s Day


Today was the day that Jordan would go to Carlos Bakery. She was going to go to Carlos Bakery. While Jordan was waiting in line to use the bathroom to get ready (New York suites are small and she is a girl she needs a long time) she was dreaming that maybe she would meet someone that worked for Food Network. She didn’t deny it though because it could happen.


Jordan had an interesting experience while she was there.  While she was there you saw someone. She knows that person but she thought it couldn’t be him. She talks to her mom, “Mom, I think that, that guy over there is the producer of Food Network. Can I talk to him?” “Jordan if you are going to do that I have to go with you.”, Mom said. “Mom that’s okay as long as I can talk to that man.” She said. As they are walking over there she has butterflies in her stomach. She doesn’t want to be let down. As she is getting over there she finally remembers who it is. It is Bob Tuschman, the general manager of Food Network!!!! She was so excited. Now Jordan is really nervous.


Jordan goes up to Bob Tuschman and says, “Good Morning I am a huge fan of the Food Network!!!!” He says,” Really I wouldn’t think a girl your age would like it.” “ Well, I am not your average 12 year old girl. You might think that this is crazy but I have an idea.” “What is it” It was finally Jordan’s chance to maybe have her dreams come true. “I want to be the youngest person on the Food Network to have their own cooking show.” “Really” “Yes” “ I would have to think about that, but you never know” “Okay” Jordan was so excited her mom gave him her information and he said he would talk to them soon.


Chapter 3

The Waiting Game

         Jordan had a great time in New York City, but it has been six weeks since she gave Bob Tuschman her information and she is starting to have some regrets. She thinks maybe he was a fake maybe it wasn’t even him, but Jordan wouldn’t give up on her dream some way it was going to come true.


         One day she comes home from her last day of school and her mom says she has to talk to her. Jordan is wondering what she did and if she was in trouble. Her mom tells her to meet her in her dad’s office and when she gets in there it is decorated with balloons and streamers and a few of her close friends and family. Hanging in her dad’s office is a banner that says,”CONGRATULATIONS=http://” Jordan is surprised.

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I love the Food Network to so I can really relate to how you would feel. You might not want to put your name in your story.
Posted October 21, 2011 at 08:38 AM by • CB6
Posted October 21, 2011 at 08:38 AM by • CB6
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