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William & Charlie-

The students of 3rd ESO at INS Manolo Hugué, doing the optional subject "Planning a Trip", are going to organize a trip to Holland, in a class exchange. They are going to Naaldwijk, in March. The Dutch students are coming to visit us in May.

by G teacher: Dolors Permanyer
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My name is Charlie, I’m fourteen. I was born in Barcelona, at 19 of March. I live in Caldes de Montbui (Catalonia). My urbanization is “La Font del Enamorats”. My parents are friendly and I have one brother, he’s twenty years old. I have a dog, it’s little. We speak Spanish and my father speaks a bit English, his English is better than mine.

I have got long and brown hair. I’m tall and my eyes are brown. I have brown skin. I wear jeans and sweater, I’m a modern boy.  I like sports. I practice football in F.C.Barcelona. Monday, Thursday and Friday I go training football. I love football and riding a bike. I like listening to music and dancing. I like the horror and comedy films. I like parties very much and meeting new people too. I am friendly and cheerful. I love jokes with my friends. Always, when I have free time, I go out with my friends. I live in a big house, it has a swimming pool.



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We live in Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona. We are good student in INS Manolo Hugué. We like jokes and have a good time.

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