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My opinion on the campaign fight is something that is entirely mine. From what I have read, or actually watched, on [LINK] was interesting, I have to say, but uncalled for. the campaign was the main event. basically, it's about this group of people running for President. These two people, Mitt and another man, get in a fight. They are talking over themselves and it's a big mess. Mitt and the other person didn’t need to get into a fight! The least they could have done was hear each other out instead of talking and yelling overtop of each other. They were also rude, but everyone has to do what they have to do to win, I suppose. I like this website because it gives you what’s happening in our world today and it makes it fun and interesting to learn about those problems. Usually I wouldn’t be too thrilled on watching the news or learning about news, I have a current event in Spanish coming up to for Cuba that I’m not too thrilled about, but this video and website makes it fun.
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