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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Do you know about any of Benjamin Franklins big ideas? Well I’m about to tell you a couple.
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin made and published the first almanac? It was called the Poor Richards Almanac. His first edition was published in 1733. Each year he would sell 10,000 copies of his book that is an amazing idea!
Did you also know that Benjamin Franklin was the first person to discover that lighting and electricity are the same? He made this true by making a contraption by making a kite and attaching a string to it. Did you think it worked? The answer is yes it did work and it proved that lighting and electricity are the same.
I know that everybody who views this blog knows that Benjamin Franklin is one of the best negotiators in American history! Wait you don’t know? Well know you do. He was so good at negotiating that he convinced France to join them in the revolutionary war to beat England and give us our freedom. He was also so important that all the girls called him papa.
These are not only Benjamin Franklin’s best ideas but these are some of the world’s greatest ideas
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Hi my name is Evan. I am 10 In the 5th grade. I play for a basketball team called the RoadRunners. That explains the bird! :) i am awesome

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