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We have three 6th grade Science classes and two 8th grade Science classes blogging here from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA! Sixth graders are learning a bit about Mt Saint Helens, environmental science through fresh water ecology, and physical science this year. Eighth graders are learning about life science this year. Please join us as we learn Science by exploring our world.
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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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Environmental Effect on Subtances
This past week my class did an environmental experiment. Each team had 5 viles with different substances in them. Vile 1 had red sand, vile 2 had yeast, vile 3 had polyacrylate other wise known as "orbies", vile 4 had radish seeds, and vile 5 had brine. When we started the experiment we didn't know what exactly was in each vile but we just found out today! (10-20-11) Each teams viles had different liquids in them. Some had just plain water, some had salt water, while others had sugar water. The salt water viles had no changes for all of the substances. The polyacrylate had a very small change. The sugar water viles had no change in the red sand, the yeast, and the polyacrylate. While the radish seeds sprouted and the brine moved and hat heatched! My team happened to have the plain water and we noticed no change in the red sand and yeast. The polyacrylate expanded. The radish seeds sprouted. The radish seeds and the brine appeared non living in the sugar water because either they were dormant or had not hatched yet.

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