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The environment affects organisms because in order for a organism to live it needs certain accommodations in the environment. For example the radish seeds that we poured salt water in failed to sprout. Although, the seeds that were placed with sugar water and normal H2O caused the seeds to grow! So mainly the environment has to include many traits that the organism can use to live. Some of the living organisms appeared living because of the same thing.. Because their environment doesnt include what they need to live. Today in class my teacher brought up an interesting scenario, why arent seeds sprouting when they are in the package? Its because some living things have to be exposed to certian things in order for them to survive. Seeds need soil, water and sunlight to sprout. To conclude.. Some living organisms appear non living because they havent been exposed to what they need to so that they can appear living.That sounds confusing.. A simpler way to state is that in order to APPEAR living, certain things need to be exposed to the organism. environment failed to include the things needed for the organism to live. Some of the shrimp failed to hatch in the vials because of this. Thanks for reading!
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