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Ben Franklin was a pretty amazing guy. Do you know about his big ideas? In this essay I am going to write about them. You will be outstanded by this essay. It will be the best you have ever read.

Guess what? In 1733 Ben Franklin published something big. It was an almanac, the first almanac to be exact. This amazing book was a very useful tool. The name was The Poor Richard’s Almanac. It included sayings, when to plant, when the sun and moon rose and set, and lots more! Ben sold 10 million copies each year for 26 years. He was making business! It was amazing!

I bet you knew about Ben discovering lightning and electricity was the same thing. This was one of his best ideas in my opinion. He used a kite and a key for this experiment. He also was the inventor of the lightning rod! The lightning rod was an amazing thing. It was placed on the top of a sentry box on a high tower on a big hill. Someone would be standing in the sentry box all the time to see if it worked, and it did eventually. Whenever lightning would strike the electricity would go through the pole and harmlessly go into the ground. That was outstanding!

Did you know that Ben was good at socializing? Well he was. He was so good that he was able to talk France into supporting them in the Revolutionary War. He went to France in 1776. France gave us money and weapons! The French loved him because of his tattered clothes. I don’t know why. The French women called him Papa. Ben did a good job there. Everybody was all happy about this when he returned because of the good news.

Ben also helped write The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of America. That was pretty amazing. He was also the inventor of fire insurance. Fire insurance is when something is on fire somebody would replace it unless it was irreplaceable like family photos. That is awesome!

Weren’t you amazed by this essay?! I hope you thought this essay was outstanding and epic. I hope you learned lots of new facts. Thank you for reading.

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