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by Mrs. Lubich

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This article is about an Indy 500 racer, 33 year old Dan Wheldon, died in a twelve car wreck along with a couple of championship contenders severely injured. The wreck happened in an Indy 300 race in Las Vegas. It was shocking news for the racing community. The championship event was canceled after this accident. Racing accidents are common but fatal ones are rare. Only a few have happened in the past decade. Even though there have been many safety improvements it is still a dangerous sport. The cars speed exceeds  225 mph. With that kind of speed the smallest mistake can go horribly wrong. Actually, if he had not been in the wreck he would have won $5,000,000.


I think that life is very unpredictable and that we should honor it. Racing is risky and adrenalin pumping. But, one small mishap can cost you greatly. I find speed fun yet dangerous, so going 225 mph must be fun and an unimaginable experience. 



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