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Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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Pollution is taking over our planet!! What should we all do to fix this? Countinue reading this to find out how!
Water Pollution is in our waters causing people to get diseases. Water pollution is contaminating our water everywere!
Sources of water pollution- Chemical: because farmers use chemicals to hinder bug infestations or other diseases from damaging thier crops. Industrial waste: the construction industry is also at fault for contaminating the water with cement, lubricants, and plastics.Oil pollution: also oil spills are damaging our water! Oil can't dissolve in the water so it make big clumps of oil floating it the water. Marine dumping: there is also surface water pollution on lakes oceans and rivers. People litter cardboard, nespaper, foam, aluminum, and a lot of other stuff. There is also groundwater pollution. Eutrophication: groundwater pollution is often caused by pesticide contamination from the soil. This can infect our drinking water and cause huge problems. Oxygen depleting: microorganisms this live in the water feed on biodegradable substances. When too much biodegradable material is added in thewater the number of microorganisms increase and use up the available oxygen. This is called oxygen depletion.

What does water pollution do to us? We can get diseases such as typoid and cholera. There is more health problems such as poor blood circulation, skin lesions, and vomiting. In fact, water pollution is said to be the leading cause of human death.
To stop this from happening we should recycle paper, plastic, and glass bottles. Also we should NOT litter! It is not healthy for our water (OR planet!) If we stop littering, not use anyting with polluting dyes, or have oil spills, and we recycle, We may be able to stop water pollution!
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