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Water is very important. Without water we would die in less than a week. Have you ever wondered what water pollution is or what some of the consequenses of water pollution are.Or some things you can do to help prevent water pollution or even some things we can do to stop water pollution.
Water pollution is waste that is dumped into streams or rivers. When somebody dumps stuff into streams it can kill all te animals that are in the river. If that happened I would not want to go to the creek because it would be boring.
Some of the consequenses of water pollution are numerous diseases we do not want that do we. We could even get health problems that might lead to death.
Some of the sources of water pollutionare that people always dump waste in streams and rivers or using dangerous chemicals near water.So we shouldnt dump waste in rivers we should put it all in a landfill.
Some things that can be done to improve the quality of of water after it has become polluted is we can recyle milk jugs and throw away candy wrappers exc. We can go to the streams and try to pick up all the trash that you can see.
Some actions that can be taken to help prevent water from becoming polluted are to recyleand help to tell people not to dump stuff into water. That is a some imformation about water pollution.
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