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by MA teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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Presidents should always have these traits so they can get along as leaders. They should be knowledgeable and wise so they can solve problems with ease. They should also be responsible for the well-being of their people. Honesty is a must because if the country being ruled is in a bad position he should tell his people in a determined tone that he will keep them safe instead of letting them live a life based on a lie. In addition to this they should also be determined so they can their work done, and they must not quit so they don’t let their people down. They must be trustworthy so they can keep government secrets, and must be kind so the people respect him in return. They must be cooperative so they can cope with other leaders well, and must be attentive in meetings so they can gain ideas. So if you want to be a president you must have these qualities.
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