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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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If Only They Could Speak


I get worn, taken off, worn, and taken off. I’m sick and tired of farting and urine on my fabric. Especially when mothers are potty training their babies. Dears their not ready yet. What is this!? Poop?! No!! I keep on getting dizzy every time I get thrown in the washing machine. With this hot water and detergents that chokes me and gets inside my fabric, I get worn in the most disgusting parts of the body. I envy my under shirt friend. He’s the luckiest of all. I’m suffering I hate myself why did I have to be tortured in such a way? Please stop wearing me or I’ll be extinct. Do not compare me to diapers do not say you’re luckier because we almost have the same fate. There are disposable, but I live longer. Don’t remind me of diarrhea and constipation. I hate when I touch the toilet seat. When people don’t wash their butts after using the toilet seat it’s the most disgusting thing on earth. They should never do that or I’ll suffer my entire life. I hate you people! The worst of all is when I have a hole in me they’ll toss me in the garbage can with rotten vegetables. I wish I was a bird!

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