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5th Grade Reading and Social Studies---> The Reading Lab is where bright young readers come to discuss, through in-depth dialogue, literature that they are reading._____ The Social Studies Parlor is where students respond to critical questions related to different aspects of Social Studies, and then discuss their responses through thoughtful discussions.


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Hello,I am Plato, here to tell you about my life. Well actully my name is Aristocles.

I was born in Athens, somewhere between 427 and 428 B.C. around May 21st.

 The saddest moment of my life was when Socrates comitted suicde by drinking a cup of hemlock. This was the saddest because they were my teachers and friends.

  My first occupation was being a philosopher. I made a famous metaphor about men in a cave. The men are chained to a rock so they can only see the back of the cave. They can only see shadows of things going outside of the cave. We are like the men in the cave.

  I think that the world would not be a better place without me. Most knowlege of Socrates came from my poems.











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