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Rye Jr High School - Grade 7 Social Studies

Overview: This class is design to take students on a tour of the cultural foundations of the American Republic. It is not meant to be a comprehensive tour of each topic, but an overview with each unit focusing a couple of major themes.

by Mr. Waters

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Engineering Egypt Video

River Civilization Maps

HW -- Rest Ye Weary Minds

Thursday    (No Classes -- Anti-bullying presentations & activities)


River Civilization --  Work time -- Label with civilization's location and time period

Engineering Eygpt Video

HW-- None


Textbook Ch 4 Section 3,4,5 Quiz

Engineering Egypt Video

321 Video Focus

  1. 3 New things you learn about the way Egyptian lived

  2. 2 New things you learn about Egyptian construction

  3. 1 thing you would want to know more about

 River Civilization Maps

HW -  Travel back in time. Go outside & look at the stars





Return quiz -- Go over Ch 4 section 1& 2 Quiz answers

Introduce River Civilizations --  Ch 4-8

River Civilizations -- Create a map that shows the location of the 20 civilizations mentions in chapters 4-8

War -- Round 4

Homework --  Read Textbook Ch 4 Sections 3,4,5 . Be ready ofr a quiz











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