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by Karly B teacher: Melanie Transue
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October free write
I never really thought I had a talent I found myself quite useless. I was always the quiet observant one, "You know the one who barely had any friends." The little friends I did have didn’t really talk to me. I was alone, and very insecure about myself. I’ve always cared about others thoughts .I felt as if they were looking at me with their cold hearted eyes waiting for me to mess up. I was there but at the same time I wasn’t.
I was the girl who everyone thought nothing of they picked on me because I didn’t wear all the new trends that were out, and I had short hair. They didn’t think I could do anything my nick name to them was fat girl, or blob. I hated myself for it. I wanted to look like the girl every guy drewled over. I wanted to be noticed. But how I could never look like that girl everyone loved so much. I was born this way, and it certainly wouldn’t change unless I got a face lifts "not happening".
Minutes, hours, days went by. I wanted to show not only people that I could do something, but myself as well. There had been talent show sign ups going around and I wanted in on it. When the day came I started to get a little nervous, but then I heard a voice in my head saying "just believe". As my turn came up to go on stage the sweat dripping down my face drenched my shirt, my palms were shaking I heard a wave of giggling, and rude remarks I closed my eyes, and sang my heart out. The crowd turned in to zoo animals as my soulful voice pierced their ears with joy and loveliness. They loved it.
When I was done the one person I thought hated my guts greeted me and asked me "how do you sing like that" I told her "I Believed."

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