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I'm reading the second book in the Ranger's Apprentice series, The Burning Bridge.The Rangers Apprentice Series is about the two heros, Halt and Will. Will is a scrawney but resouceful orphan that grew up to become Halt's apprentice. Halt is a ranger which is an elusive and secretive charecter. Thre are a total of fifty rangers, not counting Will, for each of the fifty fiefdoms of the kingdom Arulen. Halt led the offensive against the bad guy, Morgorath, fifteen years ago. Halt had one othr apprentice before Will, Gilan. Gilan is a fiendly person with a dark side he uses on bad guys. Right now Will, Gilan, and will's friend, Horace are on an important mission in the kingdom of Celtia. Celtia Also Is bordering the Mountains Of Rain And Night, where Morgorath is holed up. Morgorath and his army of Wargles (Bear like creatures with long muzzles that stood up right and responded to the mental comand of Morgorath) plan on attacking and ruling ofer everyone.

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