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My Strange Friend Emily
October Freewrite

I have this friend named Emily and she does the strangest thing. She throws pennies at people. This started not to long ago. It started last month.
One day while in class she had pennies in her pocket and I said why and she said you will see. When she said that I looked at her strange and said okay. When the teacher started teaching Emily got her pennies out and I said what are you doing and then she threw one at the teacher! The teacher turned around and said who did that and no one said anything. So she just went on with teaching.
Then Emily threw one at my other friend Mykaela and it hit her in the head. Mykaela screamed because it scared her so the teacher said Mykeala why are you screaming and she said someone threw a penny at me. So Merrick spoke up and said it was Emily. Our teacher said Emily why did you do that to her and me. Emily said I don’t know I just have an uncontrouable erg to throw pennies. That’s when everyone laughed and the teacher says you won’t be in trouble as long as you give me the pennies and she said okay. That is how my friend did the strangest thing and how that was one weird day.

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