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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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Hello blog viewers, I am going to tell you a story about where I was on Monday and Tuesday. I went CAMPING with my class! I can’t tell you everything so I am going to tell you one part of this trip.
It was at night, all of us were getting ready to sleep. As the two teachers left, we slowly started to whisper, then we started to talk, then we heard loud voices. We heard people getting out of their tents, and one of my tent mates left the tent. The others didn’t, and I refused to leave the tent, so we started to talk. We looked out the tent door and we saw that everyone was outside of their tents. Then I saw a teacher come flashing his light around. We all ran and pretended to sleep, he told us to whisper. We all waited a while then everyone got out their tents. One of my tent mates left the tent then the same teacher came and slept on the bench near the tents we waited till he woke up and left. Then we heard something about being drunk because other people ate something with 2% alcohol. We stayed up all night and we heard wolves howl. A lot of teachers came but we never got caught. That’s it.

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I am in fifth grade. I like fifth grade. It's one of the most fun grades I have been in. I also have one of the best techers in the school.

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