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Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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Water pollution can destroy the world! Water pollution is when water gets really dirty and murky.there are many types of water pollution.some types are:biological (contaminated by bacteria), and chemical (contaminated by radioactive waste and trash). If it is from a single source,it is called a point-source pollution. If it is from multiple sources, it is called non-point source pollution.
A lot of water pollution is caused simply by people throwing garbage into the ocean (there is a big island of garbage floating around in the pacific ocean). Though there are other kinds of water pollution, there are also natural pollution. For instance, volcanos erupt and all of that dirt and what-not goes into the lake.
But, as bad as this is, there are water treatment plants, that give the contaminated water three phases of cleaning.
But, even though we can treat water, the best thing to do is to never let it start. To accomplish this, we need to stop flushing stuff such as oil and paint down the drain.we also need to use small amounts of fertilizer because bigger loads of it can run off into a body of water. Those are some of the worse of the causes, along with oil spills.also some people don't pick dog dung up, and some people litter. Even though these arnt as bad, you should not do it.

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