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Well I know there are some people out there who are lonely and need to talk to SOMETHING,but if you talk to a Teddy bear or a rock people will think that you are crazy....why you may ask?
Well that's because a inanimate object is'nt living.
But how can you tell when something is living?
Well living things need to be able to consume food for energy,and they need to help their enviroment in some way.
Trees for example consume carbon and emit oxygen,eating and help their environment. Living things can reproduce or in other words make more of them,trees have saplings and cats have kittens,no matter what kind of being it is, if it's living it has baby's and babies grow to the adult size, so living things grow too.
And since all living things are born all living things must die eventually whether it's in s hundred years or in thirty all things living die.
So in conclusion all living things; eat, create, reproduce, grow,and die. That is how you can tell if your Teddy bear is living.
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