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minor-latin">Once upon a time there was a small little chinchilla his name was Jorge. Jorge had a best friend named Leonardo. Jorge and Leonardo loved adventures, especially ones that were life threatening. One day they two friends decided to go on yet another life threatening adventure. They wanted to go to the legendary Candy Mountain in the Forest of Death. All the chinchilla throughout the land new better than to ever step foot in the forest but Jorge and Leonardo were up for the challenge! The morning of their journey they woke up early to get a head start on the day. At 6:00 they set out. They walked and walked and walked for three whole days until they reached their destination. “Wow! It’s Candy Mountain,” exclaimed Jorge. They pulled out two large sacks to pile up on candy. Then all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning and a huge crash. Jorge and Leonardo were standing in a pit of quite sand. An old chinchilla stepped out of the shadows and into view. Jorge and Leonardo begged for the old chinchilla to help but he didn’t budge. Finally he spoke out. “You have stolen from me,” he said, “now you must pay the price.” Then he walked of and left them to die. The end.


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