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I am not reading a book right now. However, the most recent book I have read is Level Up by Gene Yuen Lang. The main character is named Dennis. His destiny is to become a gastroenterologist. Thing is that his dad wants him to be a doctor. Angels also tell him that it is his destiny, but it is not what he wants. The book is funny because, he doesn't want to become a gastroenterologist and instead he wants to play video games for a living. In the book he learns that the angels are broken promises that his father made and that he wants Dennis to become a better man than he was. (His father died.) In the end, Dennis does not become a gastroenterologist, but instead he becomes a different type of doctor. He becomes a colonoscopist because when he plays the video games he is saving people lives, but he realizes the people's lives he saves in the games aren't real.. I would recommend this to people who like funny, realistic fiction and people who like American Born Chinese.
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