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            My favorite book of all time actually happens to be one I just finished reading. This book is Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren. Torrent is the third book in the River of Time Series. This book is about two girls (Gabi, the main character who is eighteen; and Lia, her younger sister that is fifteen.) Gabi and Lia are not your typical American girls. Although they live in Boulder, Colorado, their parents are archaeologists, so they spend each summer in Italy! But that isn’t the weird thing; these girls travel back in time through a tomb to medieval Italy. In Torrent, Gabi and Lia have managed to take their parents with them on their third trip back. (They went alone on the first, with their mom on the second, and managed to save their dad before he got in a car crash two years before the present.) Lia and Gabi were wandering in the tomb one day, when they saw handprints that matched their own exactly and were only warm for them. When both hands were on the prints, they traveled through time. In medieval Italy, Gabi and Lia have found two great guys, Marcello and Luca who have stolen their hearts. I find this book more entertaining then most because there is constant war and battles between Sienna (the good side) and Firenze (the bad side) over territory, and sometimes the She-wolves of Sienna, which are Gabi and Lia. Remember, women’s rights are a long way away. There are definitely too many reasons to name why I love this book.

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