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The world is at risk!Water pollution is taking over our oceans,rivers and lakes.Water pollution is a growing problem that happens all around the world!

What is water pollution?
Water pollution happens when chemicals,trash,debris,oils or other harmful substances enter the water supply over time.Different reasons for water pollution lead to different types.There are sven different types of water pollution.There is surface water pollution,oxygen depleting,ground water,
nutrients,microbiological,suspended matter,and chemical.

What are some of the sources of water pollution?
People throwing garbage and other debris in the water is one of the main causes of water pollution.Another source of water pollution is factorys and/or industrial processes produce toxic chemicals or waste.Metal,plastic,and other substances are killing the marine life when let into water.There are nine main causes of water pollution.There is sewage and waste water,marine dumping,industrial waste,radioactive waste,oil pollution (oil spills),underground storage leakages,atmospheric disposition,global warming,and eutrophication.

What are some of the consequences of water pollution?
The food chain is damaged!When toxins are released into the water animals drink,the toxins are transfered to the humans who eat the animals.Another consequence is that many life threatening diseases can spread via polluted water.This does not just affect humans.far from it.Most of the ending results are killing and sickening aquatic life.Water pollution harm fish and/or plants in lakes,rivers,and oceans.

What can be done to improve the quality of water after it has become polluted?
There are many ways to improve the quality of water after it has become polluted.There are more ways to pollute water than save it though.One way to save water is Industrial water treatment.They filter and get the majurity of toxins out of water.There are 3 steps to being treated.The first step is the primary phase.This is where some of the solid particles are removed by the use of filters.The second step is the reduction of organic,this is done with biological filters and process that naturally degrade the organic waste.The final stage is the tertiary phase.This must be done or the water cannot be re-used.Almost all of the solid particles are removed from the water.

What are some of the actions that can be taken to help prevent water from becoming polluted?
A big part of keeping water clean and pure is not throwing your trash in.Being careful when disposing of waste such as cigarette butts and pet waste are several ways of keeping water pure.Be careful what you throw in your sink or toilet.Do not throw any paints,oils,chemicas or harmful toxins down the drain.Dont throw litter into rivers,lakes,or oceans.Help by cleaning up any garbage off beaches or in rivers or lakes.Make sure it is safe to pick up and throw away.

By following these steps,We can redue and maybe stop water pollution in its tracks!
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