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"water pollution is when waste is dumped into the water or leaks into ground water from land fills or farms fertilizer ."

water pollution is terible because it can lead sickness or death to humans and animals I hate water pollution just as much as every one else.Some of the sources of water pollution are when we are careless and let garbage or dangerous chemicals near or in water polluting it and oil spill from tankers or things like the gulf of mexico oil spill.

There are lots of consequences for water pollution like: polluted drinking water that can get us sick or the ocean being polluted sicking or killing hundreds of fish. There are ways to prevent water pollution like recycling, not littering,and keeping dangerous chemicals as far away from water as possible. water pollution is a terible teriblething Of course some water has already been polluted and we can't completely clean it without a time machine so here are some ways to help without one: you can use a industrial treatment which is what they do to turn sewage into drinking water ,the ozone wastewater treatment which is where they make ozone and use it to treat the water,and you can help by picking up garbage from or near water so it dose not continue to get polluted.if you are not able or do not want to help with polluted wateryou can help with the animals that have sufferd like cleaning them if they are covered in oil or are about to eat or be choked by garabge. please help us prevent , stop , and clean up water pollution.



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