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Today we are gonna talk about Water Pollution and how its caused.A lot of the time its caused by stuff getting in our water.You are going to read about five different topics.What is water pollution?What are sources of water pollution?What are consequences of water pollution?What can be done to improve water after polluted? and What actions we can take to prevent water pollution?Anyway lets get started.

What is water pollution?
Water pollution is where people and farmers get too clost to the creek with thier fertilizer and it all falls in. People a lot of the time go for walks and they bring food or drinks. A lot of the time they just drop the trash and when it rains it falls in the water. And thats preety much what water pollution is.

What are scources of water pollution?
some scources of water pollution are oil spills.In fact there is a recent oil spill from the 13th of Octobor off the coast of Tarunga in New Zealand.It dropped up to 350 tons of oil and continues to leake.Another old one was the Gulf of Mexico it was a really bad one its even still effecting us.And thats a scource of water pollution.

What are consequences of water pollution?
One of the main consequences is hundreds to thousands of fish and birds dying.Weither its from plastic or from oil we still have a big loss every year.We dont just have animals die,Hmans die too.According to study 14,000 people die of waterborne diseases every day!!!Thats a lot of people.

What can be done to improve water after polluted?People could get in thier boat and go pick out trash from the water.And people withought boats can pick off the trash on shore. And the government people can go filter the water and save the animals.Thats what can be done to improve the water after polluted.

what can we do to prevent water pollution?If are test comes up bad then we could tell are parents to tell thier friends to tell thier friends to make sure that they arent polluting the water.We can tell them to not leave the trash on the ground.Fix thier car or dirt bike if it has an oil leake.And hopefully are tests are good!

Thanks for reading!!
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