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I looked up at the stars and asked myself how far? Then my mom walked in and asked “how far what”? When I turned and saw her she had the “why aren’t you in bed” look on her face. I started crying and she knew why. She walked over and held me. My older sister, Sarah, walked over and asked what was going on. She stared at me dead on in the eyes then she got the memo. A tear rolled down her cheek she looked at the picture of daddy on my night stand. It had been almost a year since daddy died and I still hadn’t moved on while every other member of my family did. I didn’t understand how they got through the pain. To me it was too hard when you get that news and you’re the one who answered the door to get the letter just makes it harder. They didn’t understand that. My aunt (who hates me) thinks I am faking but, you can’t fake this kind of pain. If my aunt got it her way she would have made me admit to every single person in my family that I was “faking” my pain. How could I fake this though it was already hard enough to have him on the other side of the world but then some stranger comes up to your door tells you Mrs. Drew I am truly sorry for your loss and walks to his red dune buggy and drives off. The man, that stranger that just ruined your life forever doesn’t care you just got news your father died he just came to deliver the message. After that day (August 3rd 1999) everything was different for me. People at my school who I thought were my friends didn’t even care my dad just died while saving their country none appreciates a soldier unless they are important to then. Not me though I said thank you to every person in a camouflage suit at the airport, in the Wal-Mart, at target everywhere! Nobody knew how close me and my dad were. Usually the relationships with fathers are with their sons rarely with their daughters. Everyday we would go to the park and play soccer. He would always go for a run with me and pick me up and have me ride on his shoulders on our way to the ice cream shop (I never knew he had his wallet with him). This is what I was thinking about that night and that’s why I asked the question how far. In my head I was supposed to say more then how far I was supposed to say the real whole question. I needed to ask someone “how far is it to the stars? Daddy always talked about how every night he dreamed I would touch them one day”. Now I wanted to make his dream come true. I wanted to make our dream come true.
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I wanted to do the same thing. I'm really sorry for your loss! I hope your dream comes true.
Posted December 16, 2011 at 05:30 PM by • BenS
Posted December 16, 2011 at 05:30 PM by • BenS
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