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by Allyssa H teacher: Melanie Transue
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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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Where has our childhood gone?
When we held hands and we sang songs?
When we played games of Queens and Kings.
And we 'proposed' with daisy chain rings.
When we could feel safe inside ourselves,
And we weren't just dolls on a forgotten shelf.
When love was just a mystery,
And we had playful bruises on our knees.
When we lived each day with happiness?
And what the future holds was anyones guess.
When we wanted to be astronauts, fire-trucks or royalty.
And our Mums would always cook our tea.
When our curfew was six p.m.
And our Dads were always happy men.
When drugs and booze were just a myth,
And our writing looked like heiroglyphs.
When Santa Claus was God of Gods,
And we never respected what we've got.
When global warming was just a scary story,
And we found the daily newspaper boring.
When teddy bears were our prada bags,
And exams were something our elder siblings had.
When lessons were nothing but ABC,
And finding our toes was our biology.
When the music we liked was Lazytown,
And our favorite outfit was our Disney Princess gown.
When designer labels were 'ELC',
And we were always so darn carefree.
When parties were full of party games,
And we didn't wish our life away.
When we would run and hug our Moms,
And spinning round and round was our idea of fun.
When we were happy to go to school,
And we thought the Teletubbies seriously cool.
When we liked attention from our family,
And we'd teeter in flip-flops so gracefully.
When we were friends with everyone,
Oh, where has this happy childhood gone?
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