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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Crisho. He lived in the mountains far away from anybody else. He was a very solitary man who thought that the only friends that he needed were the animals and the everlasting stretch of land that he lived upon. Little did he know that high in the clear blue sky exsisted the legendary three faces. Some say that the faces could fix the most desperate problems yet at a sudden moment, change their minds and torture their clients to death. The only way to be sure that the faces would grant your most daring wishes was to complete a quest in which the faces sent you on. Most who tried to fullfill these quests almost never returned. Crisho had no idea that far above, the three faces lay in silent watch. The faces were looking for their next client, since their last one had been blown to bits. Nobody dared to ask after the dreadfull news had been reported. Feeling bored the faces agreed that Crisho would be their next customer. So they sent a bird with a small vile down to Crisho. Crisho was in his garden when he saw a little bird come and perch on his fence. Delighted by the iridescent plumage on the bird he wondered if the bird could sing as beautifully as it looked. As he waited for music he noticed that bird had a small vile atatched to its leg. He went to the bird and untied the vile. Crisho unfastened the lid and looked inside. Unfortunately He made the mistake of taking in a deep breath. All of a sudden Crisho falls  to the ground unconcious. Just before Crisho's eyes close he sees the bird give an evil grin. The next thing he knows he wakes up feeling very lonely. An emotion he has never had before felt and yet this longing can't be fufilled by his original companions. No, this longing can only be satisfied by the presence of other human beings. The next day Crisho feels lonlier than ever. Finally he decides to set out on a quest in search of companionship. After a week of traveling he stumbles upon a village, sick and near death. At the sight of other people Crisho feels complete. He lays down content, wating for death. Moments from the end he spots a young boy fall to his knees beside him. The young boy is strong enough to carry him so he leans down felling pitty for the man. Soon after, Crisho awakes in a small hut with the boy preparing a remedy by a small stove. Crisho looks around himself, it isn't much, but he notices that it is raining outside. Then he has second thoughts about wanting to be out of the cramped hut. The boy notices that the man is awake, so he walks over to him and tells him that his name is Darin. Crisho is happy that he has found a friend. At that moment the faces are looking down on Crisho. They are not content at all that Crisho has not suffered in finding friendship. So they take Darin out of the hut and chain him to a volcano across the sea. They leave a message saying Darin's location and that he will die in three days time if he is not rescued. Crisho, devastated that his new friend is near death can't help but feel that he is in Darin's debt. So with his strength renewed, he sets off for the volcano. When he reaches the port where he is to cross the sea, he realizes that he does't have any money. So he goes into a nearby cafe and sits down feeling weary and hopeless. At the table next to him he overhears someone say, "Did you hear about the faces? Apparently they can grant any wish. They can do just about anything!"

Crisho hearing this feels his hopes rise, but he leaves before he has time to hear about the consequences. Outside Crisho looks up and words come to him out of nowhere. Suddenly he feels himself being lifted up. Before he can realze what is happening he finds himself in the house of the faces. They all ask him simultaneously what do wish for Crisho? He stares up in bewilderment and manages to mumble out the words, " Money and time o faces."

They all smile and tell him that he can only have one of the things that he desires. Crisho asks for some time to think. Thoughts run rapidly through his mind and he finally comes to a decision. He asks for a boat. The faces discuss things among themselves and they turn back at Crisho. The faces give him an evil grin and disapear. In their places he finds probably the worst boat on earth. He sighs, he saw this coming but he didn't think it would be this bad. He takes his "boat" and brings it to the port. As he sets off he hears people laughing at him, but he looks straight ahead determined to find his friend. The journey is hard and tiresome but he finally makes it to the other shore. Pressed for time he rushes on. When he reaches the volcano he is beside himself with fear. Determined he moves on and up the fiery mountain. When he reaches Darin he is disapointed with himself for thinking that it would this easy. Darin tries to warn him but its too late a large burst of flame comes from behind him. As he tries to put out the flames, Darin throws him a sword. Crisho catches it and tries to ward off the beast and unchain Darin at the same time. Finally Darin is free, but the dragon seeing a look of relief on Crisho's Face takes it as an opportunity and siezes Crisho. Crisho, trapped in the horrible monster's grasp takes a swing with the sword and takes off the beast's head. It falls to the ground with Crisho still in its grasp.Darin rushes to Crisho and helps him out of the wicked claws. Darin and Crisho are overwhelmed with joy. The faces are not quite as satisfied but they pretend that it was all planned. Crisho and Darin return back to the lovely home in the mountains where their friendship lives on.

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Posted Comments

Very cool Emma :)
Posted November 6, 2011 at 03:54 PM by • Cheyenne
Posted November 6, 2011 at 03:54 PM by • Cheyenne
Wonderful story! I liked it a lot.
Posted November 1, 2011 at 08:06 PM by • MichaelW
Posted November 1, 2011 at 08:06 PM by • MichaelW
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