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Once upon a time...
"No, no, no. Too many stories start with, Once upon a time...",said Marthias,"How about this? Of all the things in the world that get me annoyed and cause tons of trouble are my sons, Jordathis and Parthas..."

Marthias said, "Seriously, you two have been in school for fifty days, and how many time have you been to detention? Fifty."
"Sorry, Da." said Parthas.
"That's what you said for the last forty-nine times!" said Marthias.
"We're very sorry, Da," mumbled Jordathis.
Marthias said," I've taking your 82 inch screen T.V.s, your portable electronics, your toys, and your sport gear. I've basically taken everything from you. Just go to bed."
Jordathis and Parthas slowly went up stairs.
Marthias yelled in anger,"Ride the bus tomorrow morning!"

Marthias had a busy morning at his work. Phones were ringing every minute.
Ring! Ring! The phone's ID said that it was Marthias' sons' school.
Marthias said,"Hello? Is this about my sons? Yes?"
There was a little silence.
Then Marthias shouted,"THEY DID WHAT?!?!?"

Marthias yelled,"You two are grounded to your rooms for the rest of the month! Getting suspended for the rest of the month! Ugh!"
Jordathis and Parthas went to their room, that they shared, whimpering.
"The only rule I have and it's 'treat others how you want to be treated' and they can't follow that." said Marthias quietly,"They better change."

One month later...

Jordathis and Parthas just finished setting up a trap for a teacher to get caught in. Then the loud speaker went on,"Attention! Go to your classrooms immediately! A robber is coming to the building!"
Jordathis and Parthas didn't go to their classroom, they went to their lockers next to the trap.
They herd the robber barg in the school. The robber stool the money in the cafeteria. He decided to go out a different exit, but he had to go through Jordathis' and Parthas' trap. The robber didn't know that there was a trap, so he got stuck in the trap.
Jordathis and Parthas were heroes for once!

Marthias said,"I'm so proud of you two. You get everything back I took away from you."
"Yes!" said Jordathis and Parthas together as one.

Marthias got a phone call at his work. The caller ID was Jordathis' and Parthas' school.
"Hopefully My sons did something good again" said Marthias as he picked up the phone.
The was silence.
Marthias shouted,"THEY DID WHAT TO YOU!?!?!"
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