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Isabelle jumped. The shadows made her uneasy after watching Bonecrushers:Thirst for Blood. In fact, she could almost see boney, shadowy figures lined up against the wall. Stop it! she scolded herself. There's nothing to be afraid of! Still, the movie had freaked her out. It had been about a girl named Izzie who was about her age, 14. She had unfortunately been home alone, too. In fact, she had actually been watching a horror movie as well, though Isabelle couldn't remember what it was; she was too terrified at the moment. Then, she suddenly felt a strong, boney hand grab hold of her leg and yank her down. Izzie suddenly found herself facing a whole row of blood-thirsty skeletons with flashing red eyes, ready to... but Isabelle had shut it off, though she could only assume the worst, that the poor girl had been... No, stop it, right now! she screamed silently. There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of. She relaxed and let her leg hang down, and suddenly felt a hand grip her tightly. Isabelle's blood froze in her veins. No, it can't be! It yanked her down. And, just like in the movie, she saw a whole army of hungry, glittering red-eyed skeletons enjoying the sight of their victim, just biding their time, waiting to strike. Suddenly, Isabelle remembered that the girl, Izzie, had been watching Bonecrushers as well, before she was pulled to her doom. Then Isabelle thought of something else that make a chill go down her spin. Now that she thought of it, the girl had looked just like her. Her name had been Izzie, sort of like the name Isabelle. Isabelle's heart pounded as she remembered the most important fact, that there had been a warning sticker on the back of the case that had read:


Isabelle then realized why the person at Blockbuster had been so nervous to give it to her and tried to stop her from renting it. In fact, they had been so nervous and on the verge of seeming to lose their minds that they sold it to her for a buck. Yeah, now Isabelle understood the warning. The girl in the movie had been her, and it was just showing what would happen. That was what probably what happened to all the other people who watched it, and now it was too late. But wait... she hadn't seen the end of the movie. Maybe the girl got out ok! Her heart took a leap of hope and she strained with all her might against the skeleton hand still holding her tight to reach up to the couch to retrieve the remote. She wrapped her fingers around it to get a firm grip as she was jerked down again. Trying to forget the fact that a dozen angry bonecrushers were seemingly deciding on how to eat their meal, Isabelle aimed the remote over their skulls and pressed the 'play' button. Izzie was still staring transfixed at the lot, her mouth frozen open in terror and the skeletons gazing at her hungrily. Then the skeletons made their move. Isabelle looked away as Izzie gave an earsplitting scream. She covered her ears with her hands to block out the sound of ripping flesh and rapid bloodsucking. Her heart sank. She knew the same would happen to her. Just like the warning label had said she would die a violent death. Oh, why, oh WHY had she taken it as a joke?! The skeletons had apparently been focusing on the screen, because now they looked ready to strike. And the last, and worse thing, that Isabelle saw was a boney, skinless mouth stretching out to her, before the remote fell to the ground...        


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