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Have you ever heard of the story about the little girl who fell down into the hole that came from a tree? Well, if you haven’t here it is. One day in a country called Orange Plains. I know it’s the weirdest name to ever have for a country, but I thought it fit. Anyways, this little girl’s name is Panina. She decided to play outside. So when she went outside to play she decided to climb a tree. When see saw a hole in the tree she thought it was just like that, because the tree got hit with lightning or something. So she decided to step in it. Well it turns out Panina isn’t a very smart girl so far or as that seems. Just wait and see. Back to the story as Panina is falling down the hole she feels like she is getting smaller and smaller. As soon as she stops falling and is able to stand up she looks around. All she sees is something small and tiny… it’s a key, but when she tries to pick it up she cannot grab it. Soon enough she realizes that when she fell she fell into some fantasy world…..
Article posted October 4, 2011 at 05:44 PM • comment • Reads 126 • Return to Blog List
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