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This story is based off an excruciatingly weird dream I had a while back. Enjoy!

One day, Roy the farmer sat on a hill drinking tea and grooming a cow. This wasn't just any cow, though. No, it was a special cow. To be more precise, this cow was a marvel of science. You see, to get spider silk, scientists first added spider genes to goats to extract the silk from their milk. However, they soon figured out that the goats didn't produce the silk fast enough. In order to solve this problem, the scientists inserted the genes into a cow. As you may have guessed, this cow belonged to Farmer Roy and was the one and only Falafelagan. Falafelagan produced a whopping one cup of liquefied spider silk per liter of milk. The only noticeable setback that had been observed so far was as follows: Falafelagan was a purple cow. Yes, she still had black spots, don't worry about that. The only real problem the scientists had with Falafelagan before her death in at the age of 87 was that Falafelagan nearly caused the state of California to be wiped off the map. At that time, California boasted an amazing nuclear power plant that produced all the energy for the city of Los Angeles. on the very same day mentioned at the beginning of the story, Falafelagan went wild and ran away. In fact, she ran all the way to the state of California, and, yes, you got it, all the way into the power plant. Falafelagan then proceeded to rampaging through the plant and almost destroying it. Thankfully, all the workers in the plant saw the obvious danger of having a crazed cow in a nuclear power plant and left. Falafelagan, however, actually caused some damage. She head-butted the walls so much she caused a nuclear spill! When the scientists heard the news, they were all sad for their cow, for they thought she was dead. She wasn't dead yet, though. She went straight back to Farmer Roy's barn and lived happily ever after with him.

Why Falafelagan went on this rampage we'll never know, but one thing's for sure, she was one unique cow.

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Posted December 1, 2011 at 07:58 PM by • Rohan
Posted December 1, 2011 at 07:58 PM by • Rohan
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