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My favorite story so far is "Charles". I like this story because you don't expect a little boy to be fooling his parents in a pretty big lie.
To begin Laurie,the little boy goes off to school.First day of kindergarten and his mom doesn't want him to leave at all like any mom would do but he is sorta ready.When he comes back his parents can't wait to hear about his day. He comes in slams the door and says "Is anyone home?".The parents were trying to figure out how his day went but when they asked something he answer was always nothing.The he says a kid got spanked. Of course they ask why. He says he was being fresh which means smart to the teacher.
Then,the rest of the week Charles got into mor trouble.Some of the things he got trouble for was throwing crayona at the teacher or hitting a girl on the head from the see-saw and made her bleed.Laurie played a trick on his father and called him dumb.When the next week started Laurie came home late running up the hill yelling Charles.He explained that the reason why he was late was because of Charles.He said that Charles was yelling and that they all stayed after school to watch him.The rest of th ewwek was the same of Charles getting in trouble.
In the end at the parent-teacher conferences Laurie's mom was taling to the teacher.The teacher was sayin gthat how they had to adjust in the first two weekes or so.Then Laurie's mom said that the teacher had huge handful because of Charles. The teacher looked confused we don't have a Charles in the kindergarten.Who knows how much trouble Laurie got into but we know that the big lie had to end sometime, right?
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