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We have three 6th grade Science classes and two 8th grade Science classes blogging here from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA! Sixth graders are learning a bit about Mt Saint Helens, environmental science through fresh water ecology, and physical science this year. Eighth graders are learning about life science this year. Please join us as we learn Science by exploring our world.
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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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Global Warming. Stoppable?
Yes. I do think global warming can be stopped. Reasons being WE cause it. So WE can prevent it. Harmful gases made by big industrial factories play a big part in the harmful events that come along with global warming. A good example of harmful gas is Chloroflourocarbon. It was used in aerosol cans like hairspray and spray paint. The Chloroflourocarbon gets released and floats up into the atmosphere and eats away from the O Zone that protects us from the suns harmful
UV rays and solar wind.

Yes we should do something about global warming. Because we all have to live on this earth. So do the later generations of the human race.
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