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Band Books Week has an impact on many people. Well I feel that this is offending the authors of the books because this is their creation that they are proud of and sure we aren't going to like some books but that doesn't mean we can just go and trash them or ban them. If people haven't noticed others might like these books. Yes we have our opinions which is where our freedom of speech comes in but don't take the books you don't like away especially if many people like the book or the books. I personally think books shouldn't be ban because you are taking someone’s chance to read a new book and maybe even like that book away from them. I also believe that we all have the choice to choose these are books coming out of our local libraries, our school libraries etc. So yes I believe that we all have a right to choose which books we like and dislike. Even though we choose what books we like and dislike does not mean we can take away a book from others who would like to read something new.
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