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Here we are! We go to school in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. We want to share what we are doing in our classroom. Come and see!

by T teacher: Carlene Gauley
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On the weekend my mom is going to buy me a laptop online.She is going to find me the best laptop she can find with a ton of memory so I can dounload The Lord of the Rings Online. All I will do on it is play The Lord of the Rings and play runescape.I am not going to let my brother play it because he always brakes my stuff. So I am going to hide it in my room.This is the first time I buy something online so hopefully it comes or my mom will get really mad. I dont know what typ of laptop I am getting but I think it is going to be a Dell. I am going to meet up with my old freind that I met up on The Lord of the R ings but I dont think he has it anymore so I will have to find more freinds. I am going to probly going to be on it all weekend without getting off. My brother is getting an ipod touch so we both get something to make it even. I am going to tell him if I dont touch his stuff he cant touch my stuff. When it is sunday night I will have to charge it because it the batery will be dead.
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