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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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color:#FF0080">The Library of the Future, color:#FF0080">

color:#FF0080">If I could design the library of the future I would go past having nooks and kindles instead of books, I wouldn’t even think about having the be read to you by a robot, I have many ideas and one of them is “Red-box Books.”

color:#FF0080">Red-box books would be a system where there would be up to eight computers with every book that would be in a regular library on it and you would choose which one you want. Then a small microchip would pop out of the computer and you would press a button and a hologram of the book would come up.

color:#FF0080">It would not be blue and transparent like a regular hologram, but would appear as a solid book, with white pages and illustrations and everything. That way if it fell in water it wouldn’t be ruined, if your dog tried to eat the pages he would be eating air, and if your baby sister or brother wanted to tear the pages out, they couldn’t.

color:#FF0080">I also might use the idea is you say the author or a book and a light  comes up where the book is. Instead of having to go search for it all you would have to do is the author’s name or the name of the book and a red light would come up and you would just go to the shelf.

color:#FF0080">Also if you said the book it could fly into your hands immediately. It would eliminate searching for the book and would be faster than a computer to find the book for you.

color:#FF0080">And checkout would be just as easy. All you would have to do is walk up to a machine and stand there. It would then scan you, picking up and you and the book, and when it was done you could leave. The image of you and the book would be saved in its memory so when you came to check it back in (you do it the same way as checkout) it would recognize you.

color:#FF0080">I would also have a studying outlet. If you needed to read a book for class and you know you couldn’t finish it in time, all you would have to do is walk up to a certain machine, put it in a slot and the computer would “zap” the information into you. No hassle, no running around, and no fuss.

color:#FF0080">Those are my ideas for the library of the future.

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