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Fox Run Adventure!

I think the best part of our time at Fox Run Park was the team building activities. It really challenged us to think like a team and it showed me it was easier to work together in a group rather than alone. My favorite of all the team activities was probably the tube one, because what we did was really fun and definitely challenging and we were the first team by far to get the ball through the tubes into the bucket. When we got it in, it sounded like a bomb had gone off, such was the noise that exploded! I learned a lot in every activity, like in the Food, Water, and Shelter game with Ms. Gagnon, I learned that the more food there was, the more deer survived because there was more food to find to live off of. I also found that the less food there was, the less deer there were because there was less food to survive off of so only a few lucky deer that found food survived. In the plant study with Ms. Kosters I learned a lot of neat facts about plant life that I JUST HAPPENED to forget  (that's too bad). Anyway, in the Camouflage Hide-in-Seek with Mr. Howard, I learned that in the wild, there were a lot more animals than I thought there were that had camouflage to survive. (Am I hidden enough? Isn't this a great disguise?!) Plus, some animals who had, lets say, green skin in the summer could turn white for the winter! Isn't that amazing?! And I also found that animals who didn't have camouflage were a lot more likely to be prey. Like when we hid in the trees. Those of us who had dark colors on like black, brown, and dark green and other colors that blended in with the surroundings were hidden better, but those of us who wore light colors like pink, purple, and especially bright colors like yellow were quickly spotted and singled out. Then in the Pond Study with Ms. Lubich (yeah, that's right, you, Ms. Lubich ), I found that in higher places of the pond where the sunlight hit it more it was hotter than the places that were lower that were cooler. I also discovered (after some observation) that the section of the pond we looked at was man made, judging from the lots of miniature waterfalls leading off. Finally, I enjoyed the excellent team building activities that, well, built up teams (like I mentioned before). All in all, this was a wonderful expirience and I would definitely jump at any chance to visit again!   

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