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by Scott C teacher: Melanie Transue


October Free write

This past summer my dad, his friend, my older brother, and I went on a fly in fishing trip way up in Canada we stayed in a really small cabin for a week. We where about one hundred miles from anything we had a really good time and caught a lot of fish in the time we were up there. Also in the beginning of the summer my brother went to Afghanistan for his seven month deployment.  Also I got a new 2010 Raptor 350 over the summer and Jared and I were riding a lot.

Also Jared and I built a small dirt track in his woods for our four wheelers and dirt bikes. Another fun thing that happened this summer was that I worked at a fair. My job at the fair was to pick up trash not very fun I know but I got pad really good. While I was at the fair there was a monster truck show and they let the workers meat the monster truck drivers and get really close to the truck. While I was working at the fair I got to spend the week with my grandma and get to know her allot better.

The gas companies where drilling a gas well on my property but they have been done for about one year. They are now just coming to reclaim the pad. I am really sad that they are reclaiming because they have to destroy all of my jumps that I had built. Also this means it means that I can finally build my  track. That is all that happened to me this summer.

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