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This is a very funny video. Billy is actually doing the equation correctly 25% divided equally by 5 means each person should get 5%. Billy also does the equation correctly 5x5=25.

The way Pa does the equation is incorrect. Pa divides 25 by 5 but he gets 14 as the answer which is wrong. Pa says that 5 won’t go into 2 but it will go into 5 once. Pa then says 5-5 =0. He then says that since he didn’t use the 2 he brings it down and puts the 2 in front of the 0 to make 20. Pa then divides 20 / 5 which = 4. Pa then puts the 1 in front of the 4 and gets 14.

Ma also does the problem incorrectly. Ma says 5x14=25 which wrong. Ma first does 5x4=20 and then 5x1=5 she adds them together to get 25.
Billy tries to show Ma and Pa that 14+14+14+14+14 does not equal 25 but Pa does incorrectly to make it equal 25. Pa adds 4+4+4+4+4 to get 20 and then 1+1+1+1+1 to get five and then adds 20+5 to get 25.

Ma and Pa’s crazy math will also work with 4 and 36. If there are 36 brownies and they needed to be divided equally by 4 people each person will get 9 brownies. Using Pa’s and Ma’s math they would each get 18 brownies.
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