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In the video, a baker is claiming he has 28 doughnuts with 7 officers who, he claims, should have 13 apiece. Another baker tries to prove him wrong, trying to show that 4 x 7= 28 instead of 13 x 7, but in the end, the first baker outsmarts him. But there is a slight hitch. When he divided, he held the 2 in 28 until later, where he had already put a 1 (which was also incorrect) and he used the 2 to create 21, and 7 goes into 21 x3, so it created 13. He cheated a bit here and stretched the rules of math a little to hold the 2 when there was no reason necessary. When he multiplied, he did everything right until it came to the adding part. He used incorrect place value because when he got down to 21, instead of adding the zero to hold the place value to the number you add to 21, he just put it in the ones place instead of the tens, which made it 7, making it 21 + 7, equaling 28. When he added 13 x7 times, the second baker added up all the 3’s correctly, but the first baker just added up all the 1’s in a row to create 28. In the other video, what the other people did was similar too. They found little ways to slither out of the rules of math like the baker did and stick to what they said instead of having to admit the other person was correct. Another way they can do this is by this:

Like the 1st baker said,
7 x 4 DOES= 28 because there is no possible way for 13 x 7= 28 because
13 x 2= 26 which is almost already more than 28 and 13 x 3= 39, WAY more than 28 already.
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