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How The Everglades Was Created
This is my blog of how the Everglades were created I hope you enjoy this blog. One day a long time ago in the age of the seashell s, it was just sea and the seashells. Then the seashells started to turn into limestone very slowly. Over the decades the limestone rose from the water and created land. There were many storms and the storms caused the limestone to erode. This made many holes in the limestone. Water filled the holes and created lakes. One of the lakes is called Lake Okeechobee, which over flowed, thus creating a river. One celled plants grew then they died and made the soil rich with minerals and nutrients. Helping saw grass, trees, and other plants grow. Animals started appearing like deer, otters, fish, birds, and the amazing alligator. The Everglades was thriving the Indian tribe Seminoles appeared. It was all good in the Everglades. That is how the Everglades were created.
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