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That was hilarious. I checked out the math for myself and his calculations are correct like the process he did it in, but we were taught a different way otherwise known as the correct way. You can also get the “right” answer with these numbers, 48 doughnuts, 8 officers, and 15 doughnuts each. I got these numbers by using guess and check I started with 39 doughnuts, 8 officers, and 12 each and so I did the math and the answer didn’t work out so I tried numbers higher than that. I then tried 18 doughnuts, 6 officers, and 5 each and so on. I think to do the division for this, you have to have the right numbers, so for the numbers I picked which are 48, 8, and 15. You start with division you are dividing 48 by 8 and you'll end up with 15 like how the guy in the video ended up 13 doughnuts for each officer, 7 officers, and 28 doughnuts. Ok so we're dividing 48 by 8 and 8 doesn't go into 4 so set the 4 to the side like you're pretending to hold it. Then 8 goes into 8 one time, drop the 8 off under the 8 in 48. Then bring the 4 down and you will have the number 40 and 8 goes into 40 five times so your total will be 15 doughnuts.
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