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What is Prejudice?

When I hear the word prejudice I think of discrimination and being set apart or treated differently because of some reason. I also think of the book Pride and Prejudice.  I also think of Martin Luther King and how his whole life he strived to stop prejudice in the world

            I think of all the heroes of black history shattering the prejudice barriers and showing the world what they can do.

            Rosa Parks also comes to mind because she was asked to leave her seat by prejudice people and would not leave because she knew it wasn’t right and unfair.

            I think of many things but the thing that comes to mind is the Harlem Renaissance, a time when prejudice was one of the only things known. Black people had to sit in the back of the bus, use certain water fountains, and people thought that people with color were abominations.

            I have read many books about things like that and I am horrified to know that such mistreatment happened. Black people were called names, were beaten, and even were put in jail for doing things like talking to a white man or going in the place that wasn’t “Negro Approved.” 

            One of my favorite people in black history is Jesse Owens. I’m astounded that he grew up poor, experienced prejudice every day, and put down many times but came to be one of the most remembered track stars in history, setting records left and right.

I read a biography about him and was fascinated by all of this because when he was little, white kids would pick on him and call him names because he was poor and black.  I think that was the biggest show of prejudice in that book because he wasn’t even bothering them, they approached him and started it all-just another form of discrimination and judgment.

            But when I hear the word prejudice I think about the kind of prejudice we experience everyday at school, whether its being told not to sit a certain at a certain lunch table because we aren’t the most popular, or getting picked last for a team because you may be “athletically challenged”, or even standing alone at recess while everyone has fun and talks.

            And even today racial prejudice is still alive. Some people don’t allow their children to play with certain children because of their race. And most people think that it is only black people, but it can be any race, whether it’s white, Indian, or Chinese. Any race can be discriminated. It can even be at school. Sometimes people aren’t allowed to hang out with other people because of their race and are teased because of it. I think it is terrible that kids sometimes have to be treated that way because of something they don’t even have control over.

            Even though Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and many other strived to stop prejudice, discrimination, and other forms of being set apart, prejudice is still alive today and it still hurts people.

            But we can stop if we want-talk someone who’s picked on, invite someone to join you at lunch, or anything that would help someone who has experienced prejudice. Prejudice may still be alive today, but we can beat it back.




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