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Just so you can learn more information about me, I'm blogging about my pets of my whole life! Here goes!

Crush: A yellow-orange tabby tom-cat. He was fiesty and aggresive to everyone except me. I wasn't mean to him, like my younger siblings. He's about 17 years old now, and that's old for a cat! We had to give him back to his original owner when we moved to California.

Dorcas: A torbie she-cat with pretty amber eyes. She was wild at first. We got her on a trip to my grandparents' house up in the mountains. A neighbor of my grandparents had a cat give birth to kittens, and we got four of them- the ones who were stupid enough to crawl into the trap- and named them Bobby-Socks, Sereka, Dorcus, and Hissy. She was killed by a coyote.

Bobby-Socks: A dark red tabby tom-cat. He was muscular and stubborn, but sweet. He was also a cat we had, but we had to leave him in the mountains; He wouldn't go in a cat carrier. XD He was given to my cousin, but fate took him. A snow-plow took his life in a short 3 minutes. He bled to death.

Sereka: A dark flowing gray she-cat. Aggressive and bold, this she-cat would do anything to rule the roost! She was sweet and kind to most people, but not to her owner, my grandmother. My grandfather ended up shooting Sereka, at age 9 months out of aggressiveness for his wife.

Hissy: A light gray tom cat with red-amber eyes. He snarled, hissed, and scratched. We ended up releasing him and he ultimately ended up being killed by Sereka.

Magnum(Maverick): A black Cocker Spaniel. He was frightened of everything. We had been his third owners in a mere 2 months. As a puppy he had been abused, and we had no idea at the moment. He ended up biting a two-year old's eye, and we put him to sleep.

Phoebe: A black-brown Lab mix. She is hyper and energetic, and the sweetest dog ever. She loves to romp and play and perks up at the word 'squirrel'. She is living today in my house, as a four-year old Christmas dog. (She was born on Christmas)

Bear: A dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes. He was a Maine-Coon Persian mix, and he loved to bite. When we moved here, to Colorado Springs, we gave him to our friends, and he is living on a farm in Wisconsin as a happy farm cat.

The Triplets: An Albino Mouse, Sparkle, a brown white speckled mouse, Ollie, and a white mouse called Chesta. Our beloved mice, also known as the triplets. Sparkle died of disease last year, about a week from Christmas. Only Ollie lives on, now. Chesta died last week on Saturday. It was from old age...

Liam: The rabbit. He's white with ginger splotches, and he's heavy! For the longest time, Phoebe wanted to eat him. We stopped that pretty darn fast. He's going to be a year old on March 24th.

Royal Sushi: The Betta fish! Man, I loved him. He was a peach color, with red fins. When he fluffed himself out, his fins were streaked with blue. He died at the age of seven months. He was my second pet who was mine, and mine alone.

Tiny Tim(T.T.): The Betta fish! My mom ran a babysitting business back in Summer, and Thomas, the kid she watched, saw me cry over Royal Sushi dying(Trust me, I was heart-broken), so he brought me Tiny Tim! He was small, dark blue, with pink tints. He died at the age 3 months.

Spike: The Betta fish! Once Tiny Tim died, I got him the next day. He's red with almost black fins, and his fins are tipped white, giving him his name, Spike. He has 'spikes' of white on his fins. Get it? XD He's the most recent addition to this family.

I'll update this blog when I get a new pet! Or when one dies...

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