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The scariest thing that has ever happened to me was one day when a power line fell on my dad’s car. It all started one day in April when we were going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. On the way there, my Dad wanted to go say hi to some people that lived down the road that my Grandparents lived on and to see the new kitchen my uncle had just built for them. So, we stopped at the house and Dad got out and said, “Just stay in the car I’ll be out in a minute.” So as he said we stayed in the car as we found out later that was not the brightest thing that we could have done. First when I was listening to the radio I heard a “CRACK”, Then I was a tree branch falling about 100 feet away. Second after that I heard another big sound but this one was much closer and much bigger then the last one next thing I know there’s a power line on the side of the car. We all jumped and were frozen with fear to see what had just happened. As soon as we realized that it was not a dream we all opened are door (except the one that had the power line on it) and jumped out just in the nick of time. The power line was sparking and we ran to my dad who was waiting for us and he had already called the police.
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