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We are a group of 7th graders from Colorado who want to practice our writing and communication skills. We are excited to expand the walls of our classroom and collaborate with other classes! Please leave us comments and your blog URL, so we can respond back to you!


teacher: Mrs. Lubich

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EEEK! Scary
The most scary thing that was ever happened to me is when my oldest brother Billybobjoe brought home our puppy Noodles almost with out a head! EEK Gross! He had been ran over by a giant crashing machine, (also known as a Monster Truck). Noodles was a mutt. MUTTS RULE! This way so Disgusting! Thanks alot BILLYBOEJOE! So Noodles was my little baby boy. He was a "golden" redish color. He had long hair. He was very short. He was a mix something with a Golden Retriver. I remember him perfectly. Noodles shall live on forever. His name was Noodles because I wanted noodles for lunch and he jumped on me! I was about 3 and a half years old. Silly puppy ! Noodles was my very first dog. Who could forget that? Well anyway now you know that BILLYBOBJOE scared my really bad.
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