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Sweet and Sunny Posts-

We are a group of 7th graders from Colorado who want to practice our writing and communication skills. We are excited to expand the walls of our classroom and collaborate with other classes! Please leave us comments and your blog URL, so we can respond back to you!

by teacher: Mrs. Lubich
Blog Entries

Red. Mints, pepper hot. Red hots, chili sauce, spicy tic-tacs on my tongue. Red.

Orange. Tangy. Keeps me on my feet. Dreamsicles, orange pop, semi-sweet. Orange.

Yellow. Shy and mellow. Sweet and sour, on the hour, lemon drops. Yellow.

Green. Cool and spunky. Nature green. Lime clean, minty ice cream, mother earth’s passion. Green.

Blue. Bright and funky. Crazy little monkey. Swept off your feet, hiding from the heat. Blue.

Purple. Step by step, arm in arm. In the groove. Pumping out beats, showing style. By the mile. Purple.

Pink. My favorite color! Blowing bubbles, chewing gum. Brand new iPod, cool pink phone. Poodles!!!

Like it? Come visit at http://classblogmeister.com/blog_edit.php?userid=348888. Tell me how certain colors make you feel and what comes to mind when you think of them. Receive daily updates about my whereabouts by request. Keep checking for more “sweet and sunny posts”!

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See you then!

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