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The Rachel’s Challenge assembly was very effective to me because it is a great girl’s story to be told and shared. It amazes me that her little acts of kindness affects millions of people all over the nation. I also think it is worth the time because it can not only help us as students but as people as well. Also I think we need this assembly because there are some people who can’t give out kindness as well as others and maybe this will help them share there kindnesses way deep down in them. This presentation is a beautiful presentation because they show her spending time with her family and friends and just having good times. It also shows the stories her friends and family shares and how much they love and miss Rachel and how they also knew her as a great person. This presentation is so effective to everyone they show it to because it touches there hearts and it has touched mine as well and has taught not only me but many other people to be kind and to show love to people and compassion and how far a little kindness can go. I also think that when others say it shows how we should be compassionate to others and that they learn to be more caring that this is not just to teach about caring and loving one another. It is also  about a tragic day that has changed many peoples lives, but, it's also a day that has had a positive impact throughout the nation. I also wish that they would also commend the other young souls that died that day because Rahel's family isn't the only family that has gone through and still is going through a rough time. Yet,I still have changed a lot from this ceremony and I still do because I may not be nice to everyone all the time but I’m definitely getting better with it. This ceremony has touched many peoples hearts and always will.

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